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Having a get-together for a birthday, anniversary, or ’cause it’s Friday? Whatever the reason, why not let Delicious take care of all the details? We have years of experience with dinner parties, holiday feasts, and casual backyard barbecues.

Our staff will provide unobtrusive service so you can enjoy your own party. Your only job will be to have fun. If you don’t want serving staff, we can design a menu for you to pick up. It all comes ready to eat, decoratively plattered and with serving instructions – showcasing the same great food as our traditional full service catering.

Worried about costs?  We understand.  While keeping to our high standards of food and service, we have developed menus that fit into almost every budget.  We call these our “value” menus, and you will see these listed on the right side of this page. They allow us to offer you high quality foods that are cost effective in preparation and serving so that we can pass along the savings to you.

Whether you have a party with service, or just pick up the food, you’ll want to have parties more often because it is so easy!

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